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Scott Ambush Wes Crawford Donny Greundler Billy Ward

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Scott Ambush (bassist): Early Experiences In Music, Working With Stanley Turrentine, and best advice to young drummers

DrumPro Magazine interview by Wes Crawford, 2007

Scott Ambush interview

Discussion Topics: Scott's Early Experiences In Music, Working With Stanley Turrentine, George Howard, Angela Bofill, and Noel Pointer, Recording With Omar Hakim, Spyro Gyra Auditions And Associated Drummers, Connecting With Drummers On Stage, "Smooth Jazz" Labeling, Radio Airplay Effects, Finding Common References With Drummers, Spyro Gyra's "Go To Go Go" CD, Spyro Gyra's New Drummer- Bonny B., Defining A "Strong" Drummer, Time Interpretations With Drummers With Respect To Musical Styles, Playing With Dennis Chambers, Playing With Omar Hakim, What Young Drummers Need To Work On And How To Do It, Listening And Playing For The Musical Form, Drum Fills.

Wes Crawford (drummer): Create a video that boosts your career without breaking the bank

DrumPro Magazine interview by George Shepherd, 2007

DrumPro Magazine's Interview with Wes Crawford

Creating Your Own Drum Video, Coming Up With An Idea, Types Of Drum Videos, Gathering Resources, Replication Vs. Duplication, Production Expences, DIY Philosophy, Distributing/Licensing, Career Diversification, Summary Of Steps For Creating A Drum Video

Donny Greundler (drummer): Origins of the idea for the book Playing with Drum Loops, Moving to LA and Making it, and more

DrumPro Magazine interview by Wes Crawford, 2007

Donny Greundler interview

Origins of the idea for Donny's Playing With Drum Loops Book, Drummers Helping Drummers, Timekeeping Concepts And Groove, History Of Drum Machines, Musicians Insitute Courses And Opportunities, Drumming In Detroit, Studying At Berklee, Moving To Los Angeles And Making It!, Varsatility In A Drumming Career, Embracing New Opportunities, New Models For Selling Recorded Music, Motown, Taking Criticism, Studying With Antonio Sanchez And John Blackwell At Berklee.

Billy Ward (drummer): the path from Cincinnati to New York to launch a drumset career

DrumPro Magazine interview by by Wes Crawford; co-hosted by George Shepherd, 2007

Billy Ward interview

Moving From The Midwest To NY And Making It!, Billy's "Two Hands Clapping" CD, Creativity And Playing For The Song, Producing Billy's Award Winning "BIG Time" DVD, Billy's new "Voices In My Head" DVD, Long Distance Recording, Billy's Views On Drum Clinics, Working With Yoko Ono.

Tutorial: So you want to make your own drum video...

You can make your own drum video the same way I did -- without spending a fortune. Download this FREE article, "So you want to make your own drum video." This is an UPDATE of the same article published in Drum Pro Magazine.

You get real life technical and money-saving tips, including:

  • starting with a good idea for a project
  • finding technical and acting talent who are good partners
  • writing your script to keep things moving forward
  • filming and editing: what to do
  • DVD authoring to set up helpful menus and get the right amount of compression
  • getting honest feedback from your target audience
  • cover design, text, and marketing
  • pros and cons of licensing your product