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Bored playing alone? Join this band and seriously improve your R&B, funk, pop and jazz drumming

Wes Crawford's Drumset Play-along DVD
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This drum play along program improves your drumming skills quickly and dramatically. Ten tunes take you from "audition" to the arena stage where you join a singer, guitarist and keyboard player, on real gig style tunes. You can hear each song's drum track first, or play the track without the drums and add your own. Try one free.

Wes Crawford's coaching gives you real-world wisdom about life in a band, with insider tips for success in your music career. Simply get your drumset and a computer or mp3 player together, and join the band.

You've got great talent to work with: world-class musicians Gary Grainger on bass (who's played with John Scofield, Maysa), Derek Wille on keyboards (worked with Cher, Chic), Alvin White on guitar (also with Najee, Jane L. Powell), and Stephanie Diamond on vocals. Practice all 10 songs in just under 1 hour (Run time (total): 55:17)

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Audition with the band

Here's your chance. Print the chart for "Come On Back", your "audition" number.

This simulation puts you behind the drum set, right in the middle of the action. Your virtual band members pour out encouraging visual cues to bring out your best playing.

Easy to use with any audio or video player you have handy

You can use this play-along with a DVD player, CD player, computer or .mp3 player. So it's easy to use anywhere, on just about any type of player.

10 Tracks, 10 different playing styles

Ten original songs give you a full a variety of popular styles. Sample them here:

This text will be replaced

All songs copyright 2002 Gary Rosensweig.

Reviewers and Teachers rave about it because...

"This is a highly innovative, motivational and educational DVD...Wes is not just teaching the fundamentals of the drum set rhythm, he is also teaching "FUN." Everyone looking for an educational and motivational practice aid for the drum set should check this out -- see it for yourself."

- Brian Choper - drummer/percussionist, President of Entertainment Connection; Washington, DC (see www.gigsforyou.com)

"Crawford's play-along, filmed from the drum throne perspective, delivers some fun pretenses about being in a band, plus a lot of good practical playing information."

- MODERN DRUMMER magazine- July, 2005

"...the lyrics are often a scream...This is a refreshing contrast to many instructional vids, some of which are soporific. This may elicit some groans, but it won't put you or your students asleep in the name of learning. And, if they do the work (some of these charts are tricky), they'll emerge as better musicians."

-Nick Costas, aka "Riddim" ( Washington, DC/Baltimore freelance player, writer, and teacher; Crofton, MD)

"Great job on the DVD! ...it would work very well as a practice aid, no matter the level the student is at."

- Daniel Glass (Royal Crown Review, noted author and drum magazine Columnist and American Roots music expert; Los Angeles, CA)

"Wes Crawford has put together a fun and practical package for the drum student who is looking to bridge the gap between drum lessons and the real world of playing the drums. WELL DONE..."

- Tom Teasley (Levine School of Music Percussion Chair, World Percussion expert clinician; Washington, DC) see www.TomTeasley.com

"This is unique and fun. I felt like I was in a Pop band!...Now we don't just play the song, we live the real band situation. That's the next generation of play-along DVD. Congratulations!"

- Stephane Chamberland (noted clinician, author, teacher, and performer; Quebec City, Quebec, Canada) http://www.StephaneChamberland.com

"Wes Crawford's Drumset Play-Along DVD" is a well thought-out instructional DVD for the drummer who wants a head start on what it takes to be a quality professional drummer. The student learns not only how to approach the many different styles one encounters in a working band situation but about the drummer's role and purpose to the music...My only fear is that it might replace the private instructor."

- Mark St. Pierre (master freelance drummer and teacher- Baltimore, MD)

3 formats to choose from:

  • Published DVD and CD = $29.99
  • Downloadable DVD = $14.99
  • Downloadable CD = $9.99

Ready to seriously improving your drumming? Order now!

Run time (total): 55:17

DVD and CD Set

$29.99 + shipping

You receive a DVD and a CD in the mail.
DVD includes charts for 10 tunes, story line, and video you play as you choose:
- with drumtrack
- without drumtrack (play along)
- with coaching

CD includes the same 10 songs without the video, to use when you only have a CD player handy

Video and MP3 Download (249MB): $14.99

You get
  • 10 songs in Quicktime .mp4 video format, without the drumtrack
  • The same 10 songs in .mp3 format, with a professional playing drums
  • The same 10 songs in .mp3 format without drumtrack, for you to play along
  • 10 drum charts here

MP3 Download (99MB)

You get
  • 10 songs in .mp3 format, with a professional playing drums
  • The same 10 songs in .mp3 format without drumtrack, for you to play along
  • 10 drum charts here
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Reviewers say "Excellent!" "...A solid instructional program"

"I FINALLY got to watch your DVD! I think it is excellent!...The whole thing feels very endearing-lots of fun!...Very funny tongue-in-cheek intros...this DVD is a great way for students to have fun while learning."

- Billy Ward (Joan Osbourne, New York session great, MODERN DRUMMER columnist)

"Great job!...Your video shows real life settings and situations that bands get into. The styles are challenging and allow drummers to become well rounded. The changing venues give drummers a chance to get a feel of what they may expect in the real world of gigging! I also like that the charts can be downloaded, there are coaching/click options, and a play-along CD!"

- Johnny Rabb (Super Action Heroes, famous clinician)

"I looked at it last night and want to congratulate you on producing an interesting and informative DVD. You certainly have covered all of the bases when it comes to the experiences one might encounter on various types of gigs... I will show it to my students..."

- John Beck (Percussion Chair- Eastman School of Music)

"I think that you have an excellent product here... Students will learn much about playing in a band setting.... I will recommend this DVD to my students and other teachers..."

-Trevor Schotz (Director of Music for In Home Music; Reston, VA) see www.InHomeMusic.com

"Nice cool music ... I loved the concept of the video... I could relate to all the changes. It made me laugh a lot."

- Ernie Durawa (Delbert McClinton, Texas Tornados, session great; Austin, TX) www.ErnieDurawa.com

"I am very impressed with the video..."

- Tom Hurst (Amy Dalley, formerly with Backstreet Boys; Gainesville, FL) see www.TomHurst.com

"Obviously there is no substitution for playing in a real band but I think for anyone not able to do this due to age or experience then this DVD is a good substitution. Another area I feel this DVD may benefit is for teaching studios or schools."

- Dave Prior of MikeDolbear.com (noted UK drumming site)

"The situations that Wes discusses between video clips are a bit funny, only because they sometimes are a reality. This is a good DVD for students with little to no performance experience."

- DrumPro.com Magazine- Groove issue #3

"Interesting concept, original and practical...It's a great product."

- Frank Russo (Fred Hughes Trio, drumset instructor at Towson University; Annapolis, MD) see www.dcjazz.com/frankrusso

"Great, steady instruction, enjoyable music, and an excellent laid back delivery make this a solid instructional program, and the accompanying CD with the 10 songs from the main program (presented with and without drums) allows viewers to practice without a TV or monitor. Recommended."

- M. Tribby in VIDEO LIBRARIAN, Vol. 19 No. 3; video review magazine

"...All in all it's a great learning tool and a great teaching concept... Well Done."

-Tom Roady (Paul Anka, session great; Nashville, TN)

"It really is a unique and cool idea to do a play-along as a video. It looks and sounds excellent."

- John Thomakos (Freelance player, teacher, and Alfred Publishing author; Baltimore, MD) see www.JohnThomakos.com

"I have had a look at your DVD and think it is excellent! A great tool for any serious drum student. The band is terrific and the whole thing is a very realistic experience."

- Ralph Salmins (Van Morrison, UK session great, Royal College of Music instructor; London, England)

"Aspiring drummers interested in learning their craft can benefit from this teaching aid, which uses point-of-view camera shots taken behind a drummer in a four-piece band."

- BOOKLIST/American Library Association- April 15, 2004