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Instruments and Add-ons

Drum Strike Zone Template The Strike-zone template marks the six key spots on your snare drum, that the pros use to make a wide range of essential drum sounds.
Head Scratcher Snare Drum View a demo and explanation of Wes Crawford's HEAD SCRATCHER snare drum.

Teaching Tools & Activities

Drumset Play-Along This band needs YOU! A whole band of pros needs you to play the drum track. Play along with the DVD. Plus you'll learn about the music business in a highly entertaining format
GamesLearning the fun way, with games that get you improvising and thinking like a composer, without the stress of performing in class

In-School Educational Performances

Envirodrum This group performs the 3 R's: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle -- on household items and a crazy mix of bins. Find out about school programs.

Free Resources

PodcastsGet first-hand insights into the creative process and how musicians build successful careers
Drumset Tutorials Go step-by-step to learn something new, like creating a marketable video of your own


Wes Crawford's Drumset Play-along DVD Drumset Play-Along DVD

Drum lessons that build your skills AND make you laugh? They're here!

Rhythmic Murder Mystery A Rhythmic Murder Mystery

To solve this, you'll have to listen for clues like you've never listened before. Try it!


Successful musicians describe how they moved up in the music world

Scott Ambush Wes Crawford Donny Greundler Billy Ward

Tutorials: Text and videos get you started practicing, jamming with others and playing great solos -- now.

Learn to Play Drums Video Tutorials [video] A packed, skill-building video series gets you setting up your drums, learning some basic patterns, and building up to some advanced fills.

"Soloing on the Drumset: Methods and Devices" Ramping up for some drum solos? The basic idea is to simply have some method behind your madness and mayhem. This article explores 3 methods for approaching a drum solo to help you build up to an exciting climax for your listeners, just like a good story.

"So you want to make your own drum video." (downloadable .pdf) This is an UPDATE of the same article published in Drum Pro Magazine. Learn every step of creating a DVD to sell, from finding the right idea to scripting to creating your DVD master.